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An Anti-Fragile Living Laboratory

We are launching a pilot of the Anti-Fragile Wealth Production Engine in our own local neighborhood.

Development of the Anti-Fragile Playbook will coincide with the evolution of our own local "living laboratory," ensuring the Anti-Fragile Playbook is a living document, updated to reflect up-to-date lessons learned.


The Power of Change is in Your Hands

The Anti-Fragile Playbook is an  example of the power of soft capital to change the story of our shared future.

  • Attention capital

  • Relationship capital

  • Time capital

  • Trust capital

  • Wisdom capital

We've rooted deeply with those soft capitals and now we need your help to rise high.

If you possess pertinent experience in the activation of soft capital in support of community, please contact us.


We need all the wisdom we can get.

Soup Kitchen
Community Garden



Against the backdrop of Covid & a quickly changing world, Kent & Ruth have walked miles in their own neighborhood observing the patterns of life & meeting the neighbors.  


As the values & needs of the community emerge, we're 'walking the talk' and creating a self-funded economic revival using the 214 Alpha community revitalization app in partnership with Future Story Lab. Using the C.A.L.M. model under the direction of Trudy Martinez, we're defining the project with the goal of engaging our neighbors in creating a sustainable local economy.


We will bring forward the hidden wealth of our neighborhood, creating an accessible, inclusive story of the future for all, no exceptions. Key areas of sustainability will include:

  • Income/job security

  • Food security

  • Home security

  • Health

  • Personal Growth/Satisfaction

  • Governance

  • Being a Neighbor


A Self-Funded Economic Revival

We help communities deliver a self-funded economic revival, using money that normally remains "under the table," and leaves in its wake a self-funded network of social services, managed by leadership that's been sourced and activated from within the communities.

Our solution is poised to meet the need of this country's many "economic refugees," we are bringing forward an Ant-Fragile Playbook, which will guide grassroots advocates through the steps necessary to transform their communities into ones which are Anti-Fragile.


What's Anti-Fragile?


Transcendent of mere resilience, which aspires to maintain current state, an anti-fragile system is one which disproportionately benefits from setbacks that would put a resilient system on its heels. 


As such, an anti-fragile system is one that would deliver benefits to communities sooner, the worse-off they are at the time of adoption.

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